Ceramic Vessels – Sahara

A variety of different methods is existent to determine the age of ceramic objects. Due to the large dissemination of ceramic shards they are often used to determine the age of Neolithic stations.

Ceramic containers originate mainly from the heyday of the Sahara Neolithic period.

The question in which extent prehistoric inhabitants have used ceramic vessels and if they can be considered as an indication of stationary lifestyle is still unclear; however it is most likely that wooden vessels have been used as well.

The fields of application of booth, wooden and ceramic vessels, overlap only partially. Apart from that wooden vessels cannot be heated over a fire; they also swell quickly on contact with wet or moist content. Furthermore water loses his taste if stored in a wooden vessel over a longer time. In contrast ceramic vessels don’t have these disadvantages and, due to their porous surface, they even cool the water through evaporation effects.

Findings proof, that these vessels were not only used for storing water and preparing meals, but also for storing seasonal vegetable aliments.

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