Takouba – Touareg Niger

A Targi o his journey is always wearing a arm. This can be either a sword, an arm dagger or knife. Without his weapons he would feel defenceless. His weapon has a psychological as well as a physical protective function.

In the Touareg’s social structure no other object owns such a high social status. Originally only the noble where allowed wearing swords; later on this right was also granted to the vassals.

A swords most important component is the blade. Most blades where of European origin; preferred from Passau, Solingen or Toledo. The Touareg used to use magic symbols as weapon stamps, which should protect their blades against negative effects.

The swords scabbard is made of multi coloured leather. As the colour green is a sign of high social status; it can be found on nearly every scabbard. Furthermore leather scabbards are often covered with fine copper and brass works which have decorative as well as a protective purpose.